Barbara suffered psychological trauma after leaving her abusive marriage. Jamie is serving a life sentence after he used a shotgun to kill his stepmother and three brothers when he was 15 years old.

Barbara swore she’d never have another relationship. Jamie had never even had a girlfriend.

Fast-forward several months and several letters later.

Barbara glowed with love again, smiling and leaning over the cold steel table in the Wyoming State Penitentiary visiting room. Jamie stood from his chair and led Barbara to a quiet corner of the room, away from the rattle of vending machines and chatter among other inmates and their families. Jamie knelt in front of her, resting the knee of his orange prison jumpsuit on the floor. He pulled out a ring he’d fashioned from a gum wrapper and professed his love. She gave a tearful reply.


The two are engaged, but Barbara and Jamie will never have a church ceremony filled with family and friends. They’ll never sit across from each other at a restaurant or pass popcorn at the movies. They’ll never share a home or a traditional life together. Jamie will never get out of prison. But for them—in the midst of the most unlikely circumstances—there is love.

By - Jamie